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Do your tweets make too little noise?

Ever wondered what your tweets sound like? TweetBeat is a magic machine that analyzes the mood of your tweets and turns them into unique musical beats!

Try it at TweetBeat.it

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A project made together with Mattis Forsman, Emil Hagbo & Simon Granath.

Official Music video for Sermon by The Touch. 

An awesome video done by a few fellow Hyper Island students.

Sermon is released on Kitsuné 11.07.2011

Director/Editing/Photography: Robin Günther 
Art Direction/Photography: Warren Teo
Creative Strategist/Producer: Pebbles D. Lim
Creative Direction: Johan Wahlberg
Colorist: Richard Wikström
Post production: Vemod AB 

Join The Touch on facebook: listn.to/​thtch

Buy the EP on iTunes: bit.ly/​qNGCeO

Preview the EP on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/​thtch/​sets/​sermon-kitsun-july-2011-1/​


Robin Günther  - Showreel 2011.

Friend and fantastic Hyper Island talent, he’s available for internship as a Motion Graphic Designer!

Hyper Island - Island Sauce. The Daily Magic behind the scenes.

1380 Hand-painted frames later, comes a music video remix of a remix of a remix that highlight’s a year’s journey on a digital archipelago in Stockholm, Sweden, called Hyper Island.

Produced by the talented music extraordinaire Raymo Ventura of Motion Graphics 2011 Stockholm.

Sermon - The Touch » Kitsuné Maison 11

Fantastic track and video teaser for up and coming talented band recently signed onto French Indie Label, Kitsune - The Touch hailing from Sweden.

Conceptualized, directed and produced by 3 very talented folks from Hyper Island. 

Director: Robin Günther
Art Director/ Photography: Warren Teo
Creative Strategist/ Producer: Pebbles D. Lim

The Neuroscience of Internet Addiction

Nicholas Carr on how the Internet could be actually reducing our ability to form long term memories.

For me at least, it seems that the signs are obviously pointing towards it, especially now that i’m at Hyper Island, i’m spending even more time capital on the addictive world wide web. That constant need to be “wired in” has become almost secondary in nature with the mac and the iphone always generally being the first thing i scramble for in the morning and last thing i put down in the wee hours at night.

Internstore : Grab Hyper Island’s Mobile Application interns today. While interns last.

Love the concept, the world’s first intern store launches today.

Check it, well worth your time.

Inforgraphic: Hyper Island on a wall.

// Tesseract’s Teaser

Tesseract Teaser - Exploring Technology [at] Hyper Island from Tre Wee on Vimeo.

Our group’s project teaser for Exploring Technology is up!