PressPausePlay -A film about hope, fear and Digital culture. Seth Godin’s excerpt on how ideas spread like virus.

Seth Godin reveals the amazing story on how he put his thoughts to the test and the amazing results it returned.

Stuart Langfield created the animated content for the PressPausePlay documentary. The animations help to break up the interviews and illustrate key scenes discussed throughout the film. Above is the Seth Godin excerpt, lots more to come once the film is on general release.

App Watch: Moleskine launches free app for iPhone and iPad.


Cool kids on the block Moleskine is releasing a free digital version of the perennial favorite classic notebook that they are so famous for.

Truth is, I have had like 8 notebooks in my life and i have used like 2 of them, even so hardly. A physical copy is charming and all but maybe seeing my childish illegible handwriting was too much.

And i have to admit that i never got a Moleskine because of that but the digital version seems perfect!

Jot down your thoughts and ideas before you lose them (i.e. me). The app includes features like geo-tagging your notes to create a virtual map of your memories and some others includes

• Pick a Moleskine notebook paper style: plain, ruled, squared
• Write and edit a text note
• Sketching tool
• Insert and play with your personal images
• Catalogue as many memories as you want with a full range of categories
• Play with images provided by Moleskine
• Share your notes with friends through email or social networks

Plus, the interaction design is bloody awesome at first try. Check out their user experience instruction walk through below, isn’t it brilliant? Not to mention so god damn easy on the eye


Stop drooling and get some awesomeness for your iPhone/iPad at the apple store here

Seth Godin on standing out.

In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary stuff. Marketing guru Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than boring ones.

An interesting talk that i saw awhile back but chanced upon again, reminding me how good it is. Its incredible to see his statements and predictions striking true on so many counts 7 years later.

A charismatic speaker and true thought leader.